Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Well, I had a fabulous weekend and a less than fabulous return to work on Monday.....so I will focus on the weekend right now...

Les and I finished up most of our Christmas shopping on Friday...just a few more gifts to buy...and then he took me out on a date for the evening! We went to Earls for supper where I had my favourite, the bento box and a glass of this yummy gwertraminer. I was on track eating wise until we decided to share gingerbread cake for dessert...oh well, it only happens one time a year, right?! After a wonderful meal, Les took me to see Pride and Prejudice. It was truly wonderful! Of course, they took some liberties in making the film...but how else could they have fit my favourite work of fiction into just two hours?! I think they captured the story and characters well though. Afterward we headed out to Starbucks for coffees...the perfect way to complete a great date I'd say!

Saturday we did some things around the house and got most of our Christmas wrapping done and then we headed to the Saskatoon Inn for my company's Christmas Party. I have to confess that I really am not much for company Christmas parties. I actually find it a lot of work to socialize in that venue. It seems people are focused on image and impressing others and people don't truly mingle beyond their workgroups much. So I find it really hard to relax in such a mix and while I do always enjoy visiting with some people, I'm usually relieved when it is over. The one bright point this year though was seeing my handsome hubby in his new suit:)

On Sunday we did some housework and some running around, and we did manage to fit another trip to Starbucks in before we went to visit the in-laws...gotta like that!

Les had this weekend off and it was just so great to get to do so many things together. I loved it and wish it didn't have to end:)

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