Saturday, March 28, 2009

Magazine Holder, no - Magazine File, no - CARD FILE

I love this idea! I originally saw it on Jen's blog. Jen bought a template from Papertrey that I had on my list to look at, but then I saw another version on Dannie's blog and she linked Rubber Room Stampin' with the instructions. Now, I didn't follow these instructions exactly. There were a few things that weren't totally clear to me (that's probably just a me thing! - and I send a BIG thanks out to Blythe for posting her instructions and all those pictures!!), but I went ahead and I played with it and I made this little magazine holder, but instead of magazines it's for cards! It fits a standard sized cards (5.5" x 4.1/2") perfectly. This one is for my hubby, so he has a better place to put all the cards I make him after he's done displaying them! I think I'm going to go make one for my daughter too - she has a lot of cards to store as well;) ...and then I was thinking I might make a few for my craft area to store cards I'm working on:)


Inking Idaho said...


I don't have your e-mail address so I will answer here. Yes you can order my tutorials using PayPal even if you are in Canada.
Thank you,

Sherri said...

Thanks Becky!

For anyone else reading this - go and check out Becky's site - Inking Idaho - she has lots of tutorials for sale - her latest is a cute desk set!

Jenn D said...

I have made Becky's mini file folder too. It's darling!

Sherri, your holder is fantastic. I bet your DH is going to love it.

Stamping Cafe said...

The holder is awesome, love it!

Blythe said...

My directions ARE semi-lousy in one section especially. That's why I added a few extra pictures. I kind of write as I talk and sometimes I shouldn't talk! :) I'm glad you figured them out! I'm going to reword them soon. These files are really such a smiley breeze to make!
~Blythe in Mi Wuk Village, CA

Sherri said...

Blythe - you are a dear - and I'm thrilled with your instructions - I just think it was probably me missing a step! Thanks again:)