Friday, January 30, 2009

Club Project

This is the other club project we did this month. In truth, it's not my favourite - we distressed everything (that was this month' technique) and I think it all looked better before it was distressed. But that's just my weird taste, you know! What is cool is that we learned how to make paper flowers out of a scallop punch, but it just about killed me to spray water onto a papercraft and scrunch it up...just thinking about it still gives me shivers!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Caren!

I made the card on the weekend for our friend Caren's birthday... In recent years she's redeveloped a fondness for pinks and recently I saw her with some kraft cardstock, so that's where the colour inspiration came from. The design took some inspiration from several tree cards that I have loved over the last few months like Linsday's, Mary's, Tessa's, and Lisa's:) The Season of Friendship stamp set is so versatile!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Photo Challenge..

I received this challenge from Deb at Sharing my Obsession...

Open the folder "my pictures".
In the 6th folder, take the 6th picture and post it on your blog.
Write something about the picture.
Challenge 6 new people to join this challenge.

The 6th picture in this folder for me was this picture of my daughter the summer before last when she finished reading all the Harry Potter books! My girl loves to read!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A note for my neighbour...

I just can't get enough of this notecard idea! This one's for my neighbour:)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A thank you for a co-worker

This week a coworker who works in another area, on another floor, dropped by my office with a little something for me to let me know that she was glad that I was 'here'. It was so sweet, I wanted to do up a note in response. I so loved this note idea that I posted yesterday that I drew my inspiration from there. I used the bella rose paper with contrasting pink and red because colours remind me of her:)

I also made one of these desk calendars for her as she was admiring mine the other day too. Here's a link to the first one I made of these where you can find instructions etc....

Sorry the colours in the pictures aren't truer - they are taken at night so in artificial light and the pink almost looks white in them. I adjusted the colour setting on my camera but this was the best is could do:)

Oh, and it's a sad day around Sherri's house... I am officially out of dimensionals:( I placed a order a few weeks ago, so a new supply should be here soon. I go through in inordinate amount of dimensionals...they are probably one of my favourite paper crafting supplies and I have a preference for the Stampin' Up ones. The ones I've found in craft stores have been too thick/ I have to wait...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cute & Clever Club Card

My SU club was this week and this was the notecard we made... Thanks Nicole for such a cute & clever idea!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colour Inspiration #39

Here's my card for this week's colour inspiration from Kristina...

The colours were very vivid this week, but I think the black and white really grounded things:)


- SU basic black and whiper white cardstock
- SU real red, green galore & so saffron designer series paper
- SU Like it a Latte stamp set
- SU basic black and real red ink
- Celebrate It ribbon

Tagged by Tanya...

Tanya tagged me this week to share...five things I'm addicted to and five things I "really, really do not like"...

So, Five things I am addicted to (hope I won't need a support group, but here goes...)

1. My husband - much like Tanya, I really do *need* to be with him:)

2. My sweet daughter! My whole life I wanted to be a mom - and though it appears that I can't conceive one the traditional way, God enabled me to give birth to my dolly a little over 6 years ago - and trust me, it isn't easy to give birth to a 7 year old (she was 7 at the time), but it was and is totally worth it!

3. Starbucks - ok, ok - I'll admit it, it's an addiction;) Going to Starbucks is like a mini-vacation for me from the bustle of life! favourite drink - a grande caramel machiato with no fat and sugar free vanilla:)

4. Paper crafting - I love having a creative outlet. I wish I had more time to create somedays, but overall I'm so grateful to have found some time for me in this way:)

5. Music...there's always a song going through my head...and there's almost always some sort of music in my home from my hubby playing guitar, to me cranking up the tunes while I'm cooking... I love to sing:)

And five things I really really do not like (well, here goes, I'll just get it all of my chest!)...

1. I totally agree with the first one on Tanya's list - I do not like stress....

2. The second one I'll say is much like the first...pressure - I do not like to be under pressure...

3. I don't like it when someone throws guilt or a guilt trip on you. It's manipulative - plain and simple. Recently a pastor told me that 'guilt is not from God - because He can't give you what He doesn't have - and God doesn't have guilt.' - I'm still pondering that one:)

4. Judgment - I try to not pass judgment on others, but I'm sure I fail at this one all too often myself. Recently, I really felt judged by some people in my personal life - and the fact is that they didn't have all the facts and so what they were judging me for wasn't even true. It hurt me a lot.

5. Turnips - (this one's a little lighter), but I still don't like turnips, brussel sprouts or liver - I didn't like them when I was a child and I still don't today! Oh - and you can add parsnips to that list - yuck!

Cinema Saturday - Casablanca

Ok, so it's Thursday! I started this project last Sunday and I've afraid it's still not completely finished, but the deadline is today, so here it valentine's box inspired by the movie Casablanca and the Cinema Saturday movie & colour challenge. This week in addition to taking inspiration from the movie, we were to stay within a black, white and grey colour pallete and add only one additional colour of our choice. Since Casablanca is in black & white and has this sort of vintage feel to me, I chose to add brown as my choice.

For instructions for the box, see here. I intend to embellish the inside some more yet and a couple more personal touches to the front. I'm going to use this box to deliver my valentines treats to my hubby this year when it's done:)

Marie Antoinette Award

A new stamping friend, Rachael, nominated me for the Marie Antoinette Award! Thanks for thinking of me, Rach!! Rachael has a relatively new blog called Knight Stamper. We 'met' through Kristina's Colour Inspirations:)

In turn, I would like to also nominate these blogs for this award as well!

1. Paper Smiles - I love the wedding scrapbook page she has posted right now, and I loved her calendar tutorial!!

2. The Stamping Cafe - The scallop 'you make my heart happy' card she has posted right now is too pretty! I'm always inspired when I visit this blog!

3. Tanya's Stamps n' Things - She uses some of the pretties images I've seen, and she's been such an encouragement to me!!

4. Sharing My Obsession - Deb posts so many ideas (of her own and of those that send her RAKs - she is clearly a very loved blogger!!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Playing with my curvy label punch

I was playing with my curvy label punch and made this quick and simple bday card out of scraps from yesterday's card.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kristina's Two Pea's Class...

I used one of Kristina's sketches from her card class on Two Peas as the inspiration for this card. I couldn't show the sketch here because it's a pdf and I don't know how to link it properly, but if you go to the Two Peas link above you'll see her class. Kristina's card was totally a valentine, so this card has a completely different feel.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Colour Inspiration #38

I had a hard time with Kristina's colour inspiration this week - I'm just not much of an pumpkin and ruby person and so my supply stash showed it, so I'm not all that happy with my card, but I did have fun playing along and pulled out my 'love matters' stampset which is one of my favourites but hasn't been used in a long time!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Colour Inspiration #37

It's been a long while since I've been able to participate in Kristina's Colour Inspiration, so I just had to take a few minutes after supper tonight to 'play' along:) I was also feeling particularly inspired today by this card on the Stamping Cafe blog - so I took inspiration from Kristina's colours and Kiara's design and this is what I came up with...

Once again I took the pictures by artificial light because it was after-dark here, but this time I used some of Kristina's tips from her Q&A, so you'll have to let me know if you think it improved the quality. I'm still not as happy as when I take pictures in daylight, but I do think the colours are truer than the last time I tried with artificial light, so THANKS for the tips Kristina!!

Old Olive Cardstock SU
Baha Breeze DSP SU
Twill Background Stamp SU
Felt ribbon & Linen thread SU
Prima flowers
Big shot top note SU
Cute & Curly stamp set and label punch SU
Miscellaneous brads

Desk Calendar

I've wanted to make a desk calendar like this since I saw the idea on Paper Smiles in November and only now got a chance to try.... It all fits on a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 piece of cardstock and the ribbon tie keeps it secure. Thanks Nancy for a GREAT idea!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cinema Saturday #13 - Mama Mia!

First of all, happy new year all! I haven't had much time to 'play' lately, so tonight I took the few minutes I had and made these little notepads for this week's Cinema Saturday. The theme this week was the movie Mama Mia! - which was so much fun:) These notepads (link to tutorial is here...) are for two of my girl-friends who loved the movie too... I thought they could use something fun on their desks as they head back to work after the holiday break - and on the inside cover I've transcribed words to one of the songs to make them smile:) Pictures were taken inside and after dark so the colours don't pop the way they should, but you get the idea;)