Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm going to have to admit it, I love Starbucks! I was once one of those people who scoffed at paying $4 for a coffee, and now I find myself in the line of people who pay that a couple of times a week...(and even more often on occasion).

It started off innocently enough... As we walked the chilly streets of Edmonton shuffling between venues for Breakforth last year, we ducked into Starbucks for something to warm us up for our walk. It was then that Les bought me my first caramel macchiato. Deep inside it was a guilty pleasure for me as I was sure that it couldn't be good for me. So, in the beginning, it was something we reserved for once in a while as a treat. But then a few months later in Saskatoon, I found myself in the Starbucks drive-thru craving another treat. This time before I ordered I asked for the nutrition information, and found out that, for the most part, it was actually good for me. Then later at home, I even logged on to their website where I learned the freedom of ordering things 'my way' - and that in doing so I could make 'my drink' even better for me (I now order it 'no fat and no sugar' please).

This fall, a weekly trip to Starbucks became a bit of an oasis for me on Thursdays when Amanda went to dancing. I would sit and sip instead of rush and run for a whole hour on Thursdays. If Les wasn't working, we have some 'us' time, and if he was, well, I'd take a book or a magazine along and have some 'me' time.

Starbucks has also come to be a stress releasor for me when I'm having a tough day at work. There have been a few too many of those in the last few months, and so that brings me today...the second day of the week...and the second lunchtime Starbucks run for the week as well. At this rate I think I'm might end up over my limit this week... (shhhh, no one needs to know, right?!)

10 Things I love about Starbucks:
1. Caramel macchiato's (no fat and no sugar please)
2. The friendly people who serve me actually seem to like their job and are happy.
3. Biscotti (they're actually pretty low carb-wise!...who knew?!)
4. Free treats from time to time:)
5. I've gotten to know many of the staff, and several of them actually start making 'my drink' when I walk in (before I've even ordered).
6. That pink cup and saucer they have on display for Valentine's (there is even a heart indentation in the saucer that craddles the cup perfectly...oh how it taunts me!)
7. Stress relief! (Somehow drinking a Starbucks helps me remember Matt7 in a way)
8. They sell all the ingredients too - so I can make Les and I treats at home! (and they are very generous about sharing their recipes!!)
9. There is something just SO right about how they DO Christmas there!
10. It's more than coffee, it's an experience~!

Today as I drove there and back, here's the song I had blaring in the cd player...

Takes a Little Time

It takes a little time sometimes
To get your feet back on the ground
It takes a little time sometimes
To get the Titanic turned back around
It takes a little time sometimes
But baby you're not going down
It takes more than you've got right now
Give it, give it time

What's this walking through my door
I know I've seen the look before
Sometimes on faces in the street
And sometimes in the mirror looking back at me
You can't fix this pain with money
You can't rush a weary soul
You can't sweep it under the rug now honey
But it don't take a lot to know


Well it may not be over by morning
But Rome wasn't built in a day
You can name that thing a thousand times
And It won't make it go away
Let me put my arms around you
And hold you while you weep
We've been talking and you know what, I'm sick of this talk
And it's nothing that won't keep


You can't fix this pain with money
You can't rush a weary soul
You can't sweep it under the rug now honey
But it don't take a lot to know


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