Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Happy Hour

I *love* holiday Mondays! Because today was a holiday, it meant that we didn't have to rush back into our weekly routines last night (or today!), so we had a friend over and played games last night, then we slept late today, had a breakfast of homemade blueberry scones, yogurt and coffee, went for a bike ride, and then, I picked up a friend and we headed to Just Scrap It (our lss) for *Happy Hour*. Today's project was this 12 x 12 page. I have to admit that I wouldn't typically use these colours, but I thought they worked ok with these pictures from of when we were at White Spot. They aren't the prettiest pictures of us - they are after a 5-6 hour journey and we are tired and hungry... And we were only too happy to get to White Spot, our favourite restaurant that night!

As you know during our recent vacation I went to several larger scrapbooking stores in Alberta, and I just want to say, that I like ours here at home better than most of them! Also, I'm feeling really fortunate that we have a Creative Cafe here because none of the stores I visited on our road trip had one!

The other fun thing today is that I finally learned how to use some die cut machines - ooh what fun! I have been missing out!! ...and so after happy hour I lingered more than a few minutes cutting out letters and all sorts of swirls!


Deb said...

Oh what fun, most of the LSS (an hour or so away) aren't even open on Monday's, let alone holidays. What a great page, love it!!

Mrs. Wizzle said...

I live in Calgary and get to visit JSI once in a while and I agree with you that it is the greatest!
My friend Laura works there! I enjoy your blog!

Sherri said...

Mrs. Mizzle - I tried to click on your user profile to go to your blog, but there was no link, so hopefully you'll check back here. I'd love to hear what scrapbooking places you like in Calgary because there is a chance I might be through there in a few months! Thanks!