Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Tween!

My daughter is definitely a 'tween' these days.

Exhibit #1
I never thought I'd see the day when she would sleep past 8 a.m. on a weekend, but pretty much this whole Christmas vacation she's been sleeping until between 9 and 10 (much to my delight:) Anyway on Monday evening when I was reminding her that she had an eye appointment on Tuesday at 9:30 she looked at me shocked and said, "In the MORNING?!! HOW early do I HAVE to get up for that?!"

Exhibit #2
After Amanda's eye appointment yesterday we popped into Walmart since it was close by. As we were finishing getting what we had came for Amanda asked if she could look at clothes. I said that we could LOOK. She showed me outfit after outfit, looking up at me OVER her glasses saying "Ooh, isn't this nice?!" about each one. My response was usually something like, "Yes that's very nice." "OOH!" she'd say, "It's even on SALE!" To which I responded that we weren't getting one. "But WHY?" she'd demand. "Because you just got a whole bunch of clothes for Christmas and on Boxing day, and you don't have a spare hanger in your closet." She'd then give me the sad eyes begging look. "Oh, but what about this one," she said showing me a very trendy shirt on sale for all of $7. To which I said, "Amanda, you know Daddy would kill me if I brought another new shirt home for you today. He said 'no more' for a while."

Then as we walked away together, Amanda looked up OVER her glasses at me one last time and said "Well SURELY you wouldn't DIE!"

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