Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where Have I Been?

I haven't found time to check blogs much less post on mine lately (and look, it's nearly Christmas and this blog is still decorated for fall?!) On November 27th I started my new job...and the first week was, well, it WAS! Without going into many details, let's just say my partner felt the need to send me flowers at home by the end of the week which was a nice end to a...I-don't-know-how-to-describe-it...week! I'm working 3 days a week which doesn't sound like it should be so hectic as it is, but it is a very fast paced environment, and I dare say I haven't even had so much as a lunch hour to myself with out a meeting or a lunch and learn. Also I'm working much longer days than I used to (and remember Les does shiftwork). I used to be able to work my job around Amanda's school hours, but now my Dolly has to be a bit more independent (and that's a bit hard on me...she's doing fine with it though:) But overall, I have to say that things have been going pretty well. I'm now at the end of week three and find myself much happier at work now that I have some clients and some people stuff to manage. I love the people stuff about work...always have...anywhere I go, it's the people...the clients, the staff, the people who "make" my day...

On a related, but unrelated note, my Christmas party for work was last weekend, and it was very nice...and very well organized, just as you would expect for a bunch of accountants. Les commented afterward that you could sure tell it was a room full of accountants when the punchline to the big joke at our table was "QAR"... (QAR stands for quality review). Anyway, it was a lovely evening from the start (being greeted by the OMP with a glass of champagne) to the finish (learning about other countries and how they celebrate Christmas and then actually being able to participate in a meaningful tradition from Poland).

One more thing that I meant to post last week, and is related to the above in that it has to do with Christmas, is that Les, Amanda and I attended a "Cheer Party" at Starbucks last Tuesday. It was a blast! Free peppermint mocha's and eggnog latte' music...treats... Christmas at Starbucks is so good! I say, "On with the tradition!"

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Donna said...

Congratulations on your new job!
Hope it turns out to be everything you hoped for and more.

Missed your blogging! glad your back.

Merry Christmas and may 2007 bring you glad tidings of great joy.