Monday, June 16, 2008


So tomorrow is my birthday - and, well, I'm not counting numbers ok - I feel like I'm 27, but I'm not -- and what does that matter anymore anyway?!

Today Les and I both had the day off and rather than doing all the dutiful things that we usually do, we got some Starbucks and headed on a little roadtrip! Not too far, just some small towns around Saskatoon. It was sunny and the sky was beautiful....the fields were green and we were holding hands - I don't need anything more than that!

And we found the most adorable quilt/scrapbook shop in Hague - reminded me of the ones we found in Canmore on our anniversary trip last fall. And we found a little ice cream shop too on the way back home - mmmm sweet indulgence!

I love today! No thoughts of work, no worries - just his hand holding mine as we drove along under the warmth of God's sky:)

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