Thursday, November 06, 2014

We Need a Little Christmas

So I actually made this card on Halloween...given all the violence & crazy things happening in the world these days, I just find the celebration of it a little dark (don't get me wrong, I think little girls dressed up as princesses & boys dressed up as cowboys are adorable & there's nothing wrong with giving them some treats:)...but given how I was feeling about Halloween, it actually felt right for that day to be the one I started on Christmas card ideas...bringing some light into what I was thinking & feeling...and this card was inspired by my friend Linda who posted on FB on Oct 31st that it was a perfect day to set up the I decided to make a tree card instead.  I had seen inspiration for this bow tree several places & the Trim the Tree DSP paper pack was just the ticket to bring it all together because I think we all need a little Christmas now:)

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