Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Highlights of the Last Few Days...

This past weekend Amanda was on a sleepover so Les and I had some extended 'date' time:) On Friday night we went to the Jazz Festival where we sat in the Bessborough Gardens and heard Theresa Sokyrka perform (along with others). Man, her voice is a lot more impactful in person than I realized. She sang quite a few new songs that she had written in the last few months. I particularly liked one called 'Riverbend'.

Saturday morning we actually got to sleep in a bit and then headed out for a bike ride together. It was a beautiful morning (much nicer than the weather network said it would be). The sun was shining, birds were singing... Afterward we did a bit of yardwork and then enjoyed our lunch al-fresco. It's so nice to be able to eat on our deck these days. We only recently got a patio set, so it's a new experience for us, but we sure like it. With the huge trees lining the view beyond our yard, it doesn't even feel like we are in the city. It's more like a mini-vacation everytime we are out there.

Sunday was a great day too. We had some friends in for a potluck bbq. I love having people over! We visited, we ate, we played games, we had pie. It was all good!

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