Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Boy Those Roses Smell Good

I just had the most wonderful evening and day with my handsome husband. It started when I came home from work on Monday to 2 dozen (!!) huge long-stemmed white roses (with just a hint of pink:) along with a love note written en francais from Les!! (remember when he said that if you don't use your French you lose it:)

For our anniversary he had also gotten me a gift certificate for Bev Ashdown's for a pedicure (those are one of the most relaxing experiences I can think of:) and an amazing card:)

Then Les took me to the Granary for supper (as is our tradition:), where we had the most delightful meal (although I'll admit I was over my carb limit...but it was our anniversary after all!) Then we did some walking and browsing and ended our time out with coffee's at the new Starbucks on Broadway.

The whole time I felt like we had this big secret compared to the rest of the it was a weekday and we were out on a it was a weekday and we didn't have to worry about getting to bed on time:) You see, Grandma had Amanda overnight and we both had booked Tuesday off, so we could linger Monday evening and spend Tuesday together.

We had such a good day Tuesday too! We slept late, had eggs for breakfast (in the middle of the week?!) then headed out to some shops we never get to, just to look. We even had another Starbucks...this time trying the Gingerbread lattes (yum)...and then picked up Amanda from school and I made a special dinner at home to celebrate our anniversary as a family.

Last night, I really had a hard time though going to bed. I didn't want it to be over...nor to face the reality of work and its hectic-ness today, but here we are!

Boy those roses smell good! :)

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