Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Award?!

Wow! Here I was feeling so bad I haven't had much time to create lately much less post, and still, sweet Deb gave me this award! Thanks Deb, I'm tickled!!

And here are a few people I'm passing this one on to:

1. Soft Angel Kisses
2. Bethinking
3. Papersnob
4. Schwooo
5. Stampin Starbucks Mama

Be sure to check out their blogs, you won't regret it!!!


April D said...

what do you mean you haven't posted much...I always find some new cute card or project on your blog...lol. Keep up the good work.

Sherri said...

April - you're too sweet! Maybe I'll see you at JSI happy hour this week:)

Softangelkisses said...

You are just toooo sweet yourself!!! Thank you so much for the award! I just checked my blog and found it on the exact day that I needed a pick up! The Lord is wonderful for sending people like you my way!!