Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cinema Saturday - Casablanca

Ok, so it's Thursday! I started this project last Sunday and I've afraid it's still not completely finished, but the deadline is today, so here it valentine's box inspired by the movie Casablanca and the Cinema Saturday movie & colour challenge. This week in addition to taking inspiration from the movie, we were to stay within a black, white and grey colour pallete and add only one additional colour of our choice. Since Casablanca is in black & white and has this sort of vintage feel to me, I chose to add brown as my choice.

For instructions for the box, see here. I intend to embellish the inside some more yet and a couple more personal touches to the front. I'm going to use this box to deliver my valentines treats to my hubby this year when it's done:)


Tanya said...

This is really pretty! Very romantic and elegant!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

I love those origami boxes, your looks so chic, your DH is going to adore it.

Ann said...

It looks great to me so far! I love the pearls and embossing!

Brooke S said...

What a great box.. Your DH will love it.. Love the Embossing and Pearls... Very Romantic... Thanks for playing along!

Deb Wood said...

Wow this is fabulous even unfinished! Not sure I would even try it, but maybe someday!! Your husband is a lucky guy and I guess you are a lucky gal you seem so much in love with both your husband and your daughter, what more do you need!

As per your previous list mean people suck and all too often jump to conclusions, but you know the truth in your heart, so don't let them bother you!! I know it's easy to give this advice as I have been giving it to myself for years, but I'm getting better at it!!

I tend to be very judgmental against myself, something else I'm working on! But I love my veggies!

travelingmama said...

Fantastic project! Love what you did for this challenge!

Sankari W. said...

Hi Sherri!!! Great to see you :)!! That box is just awesome - soooo cool! What an awesome box! I love this - and I love the colors - romantico!!!!

I can't wait to try one of these boxes out!! yay!!

Thanks for playing along in our weekly challenges Sherri - we totalllllllllllllllllllllllllllly love your creations!!
Best wishes, and hugs!