Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home Organization

Stampin' Up came out with some designer file folders and gusseted envelopes this fall that caught my eye, but $14.50 for 12 file folders did not catch my pocketbook, if you know what I mean;) Still, I found myself looking at pages 116 & 117 of the idea book more than any of the others...the 'organization collection' -- and while I decided against ordering the file folders and envelopes mentioned, I simply HAD to HAVE the 'Favorite Things' stamp set (loved the journaling stamp and loved that there was a stamps where you could check of whether something was ' day..or..NEVER - something in me LOVES that *NEVER* is an option - we'll just call that the administrative rebel inside me;) Well all that to say, that I took inspiration from those favoured pages of mine in this fall's idea book to create my own organization solution for incoming bills, filing to be done, medical receipts to be submitted etc and this is the result.

The file folders I used and embellished further came from Michael's ($1.50 a pack - and they have a French flare:) I housed them in a basket also from Michael's ($8 - on 50% off - and I think it coordinates well!) I also altered a folder into a notepad holder for the notes I made when I'm paying bills, etc. I used the 'Favorite Things' stampset throughout - and you'll notice that I altered one of the stamps because to me it's NOT 'all in the details';) This was simple and fun to put together and I'm sure I'll add to it or adapt it further as time goes on. Already it's been an improvement on my previous organization system:)

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Stamping Cafe said...

So gorgeous, Sherri!! I wish I'm this organize! :)