Sunday, May 17, 2015

The New Annual Catalog is Coming! ...goes live June 2nd!!!

I received my copy of the 2015-16 Annual Catalog which goes live June 2nd this week...and I received the supply of catalogs I've ordered.  I haven't quite delivered to all my club girls yet (given recent events), but this is in process.  If you live in Saskatoon and want a copy of the catalog & have not received one yet, please contact me & we'll arrange for you to get one.

Also, as you can see above, I have added tabs to my copy of the annual catalog.  If you'd like to receive the word document I created to make the tabs, please leave your email address in a comment below or email me and I will be happy to send it to you.  For some reason Blogger will not let me include a link to the document in this post.

The 2015-17 *new* in colours are above.  I made a bookmark featuring each of them and slipped it into the catalogs for each of my club ladies this weekend.  The new in colours are:  watermelon wonder, cucumber crush, delightful Dijon, mint macaroon & tip top taupe...and I already have a favourite!:)

And what, may you ask, is my favourite? ...why it's the very colour of the Laduree tea salon and more in Paris

MINT MACARON!!!  (pronounced:  maca-roon...ask any Frenchman!:)

I've started a board on pinterest for 'mint macaron'...loving all the colour combinations I'm coming up with for it!!

And, speaking of colour combinations, how about this one:  mint macaron, tip-top tauge & watermelon wonder?....
Love, love love, the new lace trim that comes in ALL of the new in colours!

What's your favourite of the new colours?

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