Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy "Mommy's Day!

...that's what Amanda calls it:) It was a busy, but wonderful Mother's Day weekend for our family...what with Les working and all of Amanda's rehearsals for the big musical, etc...which turned out awesome, by the way! I was so proud of my girlie...and of all the kids involved actually...they did great!...and I think that seeing a kids' musical is just the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day in my books!

On Friday after rehearsals, we went with Arilee and Aurora for supper, which was awesome since we hadn't had an extended visit for a while. Afterward at home, Les and Amanda realized that with rehearsals, the musical and time we had planned for seeing my mom and Les' mom this weekend, this was the last bit of extended time the three of us would have alone together this weekend, so they FORCED me to open my presents before bed that night! (I don't think either one of THEM could have waited another day;). Les gave me a card that melted my heart and made me feel so loved along with Amy Grant's new cd (Rock of Ages...just released this week...something I very much wanted!) Amanda had made me her gift at school. It was an acrylic painting on an artist's canvas of fruit. She did just an exceptional job of it! I've already found a home for it in our kitchen which has a bit of a fruit motif going on!

On Saturday, while Amanda was rehearsing, Les and I met my parents and my brother for supper to give my mom her Mother's Day present. It was a really enjoyable time, and my mom touched my heart with a compliment in passing. Then we headed off to the Church for the musical, which, as I said, was exceptional, and afterward we headed to Jerry's so Nana & Papa could buy Amanda an ice cream for her sparkling performance. There, I was once again surprised...Nana and Amanda had cooked something up, and presented me with sweetheart roses for Mother's Day and for running Amanda around to all her rehearsals for her dance class and for the musical! (Have I ever mentioned, I LOVE roses?!!)

Sunday was an early morning, Les was up and gone early (he worked days all weekend) and I had to have Amanda up by 7:30 so we get her to the early morning rehearsal (followed by two more performances of the musical). Amanda wrote out a Mother's Day prayer for me and even poured MY cereal that morning! She is such a precious heart!! I had a bit of time to myself afterward which I used to read, reflect and get my workout in:) Then mid-afternoon we headed over to Les' folks for a visit, supper and to give Les' mom our Mother's Day present for her. We had a great visit, and Les' step-dad even made my favourite for supper, garlic shrimp!

All-in-all it was a full weekend that I wished didn't have to come to an end. I was definitely spoiled more than I deserved. I hope that all the moms reading this were blessed with a good-spoiling this weekend too;)

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