Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's Fall!!

The other day when Les and I were at Starbucks they were putting out their fall offerings, so it's official (even though it's not the 21st on the calendar yet), it's FALL! And what a better way to start it than having someone serve you samples of pumpkin lattes?!
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The other thing that makes it officially fall around here is my darling daughter heading back to school. She's had two days under her belt already and has even come home with homework and not minded doing it! So far she loves her teacher and everything she does, but I'm not holding my breath just yet because there could be some classroom shuffling next week as they figure out the final number of students registered for each grade.

As we get into the swing of things, Les and I have started planning for our small group. We made calls last night and have been looking for materials to use for a while now. (Any and all suggestions are welcome!) I'm looking forward to small group this fall. One of the couples in our group is expecting in late October, so it's a very exciting time!

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