Thursday, September 28, 2006

What is it that I *LOVE* so much about Rachael Ray?

I don't own any of her books, and I've never bought her magazine, but yet I have to confess that I browse both of these when I'm in the market. I don't get the chance to watch her daily 30 minute meals show very often at all, and I've only caught a bit of her new talk show, but yet I have to admit that anytime that I've caught even a bit of these shows I've enjoyed them. If I'm being honest though, I'd have to admit that I find her a bit loud in her presentation, yet there is just something I *LOVE* about Rachael Ray. Maybe it's that Les and I have enjoyed the places she's taken us on "$40-a-day"... or maybe it's the fact that everyone of her recipes that I've tried has been a HIT! (DELISH bacon sloppy-joe's and YUM-O espresso brownies...well, I combined her and Martha's recipes on this one, but still, mmmm!) ...or it could be that she reminds me so much of Amanda's friend, Brianna (whom I adore), everytime I look at her... But whatever it is, I guess I'll just say it, I'm a fan:)

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