Sunday, August 12, 2007


Last night Les took me out on a date. We had dinner at Kelsey's where I had some delicious balsamic chicken and then we saw 'Becoming Jane' (I *love* Jane Austin.) Afterward we did two of my favourite things...Starbucks and then book browsing.

Concerning the latter, if you ever find yourself at McNally Robinson and wonder why those big chairs are sitting side by side instead of back to back in a particular section of the store, you will know that Les and I likely sat there book browsing... Every so often we go to McNally and load up all sorts of books and magazines to look at, and then we turn the chairs so we can sit next to each other as we peruse:) Sometimes the chairs will even still be sitting side by side the next time we go...kind of sitting there holding hands, waiting for us:)

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