Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gift Bag

For my birthday, my in-laws gave me a pamper card for a pedi at Bev Ashdowns (my favourite!) and so I went in on Saturday morning to use it! I love pedi's!! And since I seem to turn almost everything into a craft supply these days, it's no surprise that I had to take the gift bag that the pamper card came in (isn't Bev Ashdowns so sweet to use rose red gift bags?!) and repurpose it. I had the color inspiration colors still out (from my color inspiration card submission below), so voila... a matching giftbag. Well, not really matching, I used a different style (baroque motif), etc., but it's the same colors. I'm not sure why my dazzling diamonds glitter kind of gooped a bit in places, but oh well. for the pedi - it was wonderful - they floated rose pedals in a milk chocolate bath for me feet... need I say more?!!!

Crafty toes -no?! :) ----->


Kadee said...

Love the toes! Thanks for your comments on my blog...look for a flower post soon! Thanks for your suggestion!

Linz said...

You are too funny!