Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cinema Saturday #1

It's actually Sunday not Saturday, but I really wanted to participate in this new challenge... Cinema Saturday is new this week and takes it's inspiration from a film. This week it's Pride & Prejudice, so you know I HAD to participate!

This weekend is also Thanksgiving in Canada, and so because of family get togethers and such I haven't had much time to create, but I did steal away a bit of time this afternoon to make my project. In keeping with Thanksgiving, I chose to make a Gratitude Journal instead of a card this week. I plan to try to write five things I'm grateful for down each day between now and Christmas (...and maybe beyond then too:)

I had the soundtrack from the BBC version of P&P playing while I was making my journal. I was thinking of Elizabeth's address to Mr. Darcy toward the end of the story where she tells him of her gratitude for what he did for her and her family. This is just before he proposes again... and just before he turns to her and says 'dearest & loveliest Elizabeth' (the first time he uses her first name might I add!) So this is where I took inspiration. I also thought about the balls and socials, the rich colours in some of the decor in some of the more stately homes, and the beautiful dresses when I was selecting my colours. I know it was the richer women who were dressed in darker colours in this society as opposed to dear Lizzie, but I felt the rich colours captured my gratitude best for this project and there are a few scene's where Elizabeth is dressed in some reddish and brown hues (see example below).

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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Brooke S said...

I love that you made a gratitude journal... It's totally amazing.. The lace,colors,the semtiment,the design basicly it's all brillant.... We are so honored that you goined us on this challenge It's so great to have familiar faces join in the fun.. Thanks for taking time out of your Thanksgiving weekend to join in the fun... I love that you took the quize it's so much fun.. How cool that you are Elizabeth Bennett I am too.... I think it is a sign of a strong woman.. That for me has come with age... I don't take any crap now that I am older.. I was so shy when I was younger more supporting roll.. Not anymore...

Huge hugs... Hope to see you on Kristina and Our challenge soon.

Sankari W. said...

Oh Sherri!! Your card is breathtaking! I love your choice of colors!!! The rose kind of brocade paper is just gorgeous!!! and the contrast of the rose color with the chocolate brown color and the green lace is just so beautiful! I love the sweet touch with the rose flower and the scalloped edge with the paper piercing - just lovely!!!

Your card totally captures the scene - where she expresses her gratitude... oh! and I LOVE when he says her name for the first time - that scene totally gives me chills - i love reading that scene in the novel too! (and the Lake Scene with Colin Firth is just soooooo yummy! i can't tell you how many times i have watched that - I think i have it memorized!!! LOL!)

Thanks so much for playing with us this week Sherri!! Your card is just beautiful!

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been lovely!

Best wishes always,
Sankari :)

evafromca said...

Sherri, your journal is absolutely stunning!!! Love it!

Tanya said...

Oh I love your journals!!! They're both so pretty! What a fun challenge! And that's a really great idea! Jane Austen is a big favorite in our house.
I took that quiz a few months ago and I am Marianne Dashwood, which was right one...ten years ago! LOL!

Ann said...

Wowza! This is beautiful! I love the colors, the lace, well, everything! You rocked out this challenge, honey! :D

nelliemaeii said...

Congratulations to you too!! I love your journal cover, it is great!!

Ryemilan said...

Hi Sherri,

I love your Gratitude journal. It looks so beautiful. It would make me want to write in it all the time.

Your blog is fantastic, so many wonderful ideas here. Into my google reader it goes. Thank you :-).

All the best,