Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cinema Saturday #3

Halloween is not really my thing. Don't get me wrong - I love seeing little itty-bitties dressed up like princesses and cowboys and filling their pumpkins with treats. It's just all the other darker stuff associated with the event that I could do without. So I surprised myself when I made a halloween card tonight. It's just a little gift card that I'll attach to my daughter's goodies this year. I've bought her favourite goodies and I've stored up extra treats for the neighbour kids too! One of my favourite things on halloween is that the neighbours bring even their teeny-tinies out with them, so over the last couple of years I've gotten into the habit of making some treat bags for those under 2...and I've picked up all my supplies again this year, so I just have to assemble.

This card was inspired by the colous in this week's Cinema Saturday. I haven't seen this week's movie, but thought it would still be fun to use the colours in some way - particularly since someone sent me some witchybella images.


Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Wonderful card. I hear what you say about Halloween, and have struggled with it in the past. I now sorta' view it as a time to fellowship with families in the neighbourhood. We make it an event, hang outside & have munchies for the parents too. Yes, my older kids like to be "scared" but they know it's just all in fun.

Ann said...

SO cute! I had trouble with this challenge, too, but I love what you did with it! :D

Sankari W. said...

Sherri! I am so glad that you played along this week! I love your sweet Bella card! It is just such a sweet image with her carrying the pumpkin - love you did the stars and your colors are great!

I know what you mean about the darker aspects of Halloween - I am so not into scary stuff at all - but love seeing the teeny weenies dressed up in their toddler Halloween outfits - so cute... (ps - i just posted a back shot of my son's "dragon" outfit on my blog - he didn't want to take off his outfit and ran errands with me dressed as a dragon - but he told me that he was a sweet dragon, not a scary dragon - and I told him that he is the sweetest dragon that i have ever met!!)

Thanks so much for playing along this week - hope you still had fun - and I am sure you will enjoy the pick we have for you this coming sat!!!

Best wishes always,
much love,
Sankari :)

Brooke S said...

thanks so much for playing along... I really love Halloween. I think its all the fun decor and costumes that I like.. Ironic I never watch horror movies.. I'm a big Frady cat. I love all the kids that come to the door. I have so many great memories of dressing up as a child and enjoying all the fun with school and friends..

Your Bella-witch is so cute.. I know that your DD will love the gift tag.. What a cute mum you are.

zukesgirl said...

VERY cool -- I really love those colors together - such a fun card!