Saturday, June 05, 2004


Last weekend we purchased our first ever bar-be-que...and we've BBQ'd almost every night since then (with the exception of Monday...what was with that wind?!) We're really enjoying trying things out! Last night we BBQ'd steak, and I found this great recipe for a teriyaki marinade the night before, so the sirloin had marinaded in it over night...very yummy! Friends have also been offering suggestions that have been great. Last night we tried grilled asparagus thanks to Brenda's comments, and we also did some potatoes (a different way) on the bar-b-y thanks to Alana. Her great tip was to bake them some in the microwave first...then cut them up with your ecoutrements in foil...yum! They were so good that Amanda asked what they were. To which I said, "potatoes". Amanda said, "I know THAT, Mom, but what kind?" We decided that they were 'Brophy-special-grilled-potatoes-and-cheese' (with a few more secret ingredients to boot!) This week I'm going to look for the basket that Brenda mentioned that makes grilling veggies a breeze... I'm liking this!

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