Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Les is More!

My handsome and talented husband is an amazing guitar player! (Have I ever told you that?) He can play electric, accoustic, bass....(He's pretty modest about it all and about how he writes music when he has time.) His favourite guitar is his Gibson Les Paul...and I love this logo for it!

I agree -- my Les is MORE! He is so much more that I ever hoped, dreamed or prayed for! You'd have to get to know him, of course, to fully understand... He is smart and funny and caring and sensitive and silly and creative and strong and affectionate... He's such a good father, and the most amazing husband! I feel so loved!! He makes me feel so beautiful! I love him more today than yesterday and yesterday more than any day before that!! I learn so much about God's love through Les' love and through our relationship. In his arms I feel safe, protected, treasured and happy:)

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