Monday, June 28, 2004

Get out there and VOTE!

Well, it's Election Day in Canada, and this one should prove to be exciting. I think it will be quite late in the evening before we know the final result. More than in other years, I think that the Western Canadian vote will make a big difference in the go cast your vote! (If you don't vote today, you can't complain about the result!...j/k)

It's looking like there will be change...but just what shape that will take is still up in the air. Most authorities are predicting a minority government. Apparently though, even if the Liberals win fewer seats than the Conservatives, in the case of a minority government, the Governor General will go to the current PM first to form government first? Bizarre!

One thing that concerns me though is Quebec. It's looking like the Bloc might take 60 seats! ...and this is not because separatist momentum is growing there, but rather because they want change and a vote for the Bloc is a vote against the Liberals. It will be quite interesting to see what happens tonight.

After work, Les and I are going to walk over to the school to cast our votes late this afternoon. Amanda will be with us (as she was for the provincial election). I think in such a close election, each and every vote seems to mean more. We are fortunate to live in this country and have the right to vote, so what are you waiting for, GO VOTE:)

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