Friday, June 18, 2004

Great news!

My awesome friend, Arilee, called this morning with this annoucement....Vince Gill and Amy Grant will be in concert at SaskPlace on Thursday September 30th!!

Arilee called insisting that Les and I go to the concert AND insisting that Amanda spend that evening with Aurora and her. What an amazing friend! know what delights the hearts of others and then to help make a way for them to share in it! I have never seen either of these artists in concert, but have wanted to for a long time.

Amy Grant's music was a big part of growing my faith in my high school years, and a very tangible expression of my faith leading up to 1991 when my relationship with Jesus became more personal. I know alot of Christians have ceased to follow her because of areas where she has fallen in her own life, but I don't believe mine is to judge. I believe that she has learned much about grace and mercy in the process and that these truths are painted all over her most recent albumn (Simple Things).

Vince Gill is an amazing musician, and my husband, an amazing musician himself, is excited about seeing him play live! Actually, Les is just as excited about the whole thing as I am...isn't he wonderful?! I feel truly blessed that we can share in something like this! Bless you, Arilee, for blessing us in so many ways today and everyday!

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