Tuesday, February 08, 2005

McDougal Church

Last week, Les and I attended Breakforth 2005. It was something we had wanted to do for a couple of years. We spent the Saturday afternoon of the conference in McDougal Church. It is a beautiful old church in downtown Edmonton, near the river....wood pews, a balcony, stain glass windows... We were part of two worship cafe's (back to back). The accoustics in there were amazing! The sun was streaming through the stainglass. Songs and hearts were joined together. Old and young worshipped together. It was absolutely beautiful! ...an experience I don't ever want to forget:)

During a break, Les commented to me about why they don't make churches like that anymore. I thought that perhaps that that style didn't lend itself to all the offices and gyms most churches need these days, but later found that this church had all of that in the basement. I don't know why they don't make churches like that anymore, but I wish they did!

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