Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Past Week

I guess it's been over a week since I last posted. In that time, we've celebrated Valentine's, had a busy work-week, one of Amanda's friends has had surgery, and Les has been practicing to play at the weekend services at Church.

Our Valentine's was really nice this year. It seems that every other year something has come up to get in the way of our plans, but not this year. Amanda was off on a sleepover with Aurora on Sunday the 13th, so that is when Les took me out. We went for supper at The Granary. I had the special...champagne lobster fettucini...and, yes, it was as good as it sounds. Then we went to the movie Hitch which was funny and romantic all in one. Les and I both had Monday off together, so we did some shopping together downtown that day. We never seem to get downtown these days, so that was nice...and we got to eat out again?! (Elephant and Castle for lunch). For supper that night, we had Arilee and Aurora stay when they brought Amanda home. We had lasagna and giggles, and the girlies even brought some heart cookies they'd baked for us for dessert! It was a good Valentine's, topped off with a beautiful card that is still sitting on my bedside table from my dreamy husband:)

The rest of the week went by very quickly, especially workwise, and I have another really hectic one coming up this week. Any and all prayers are appreciated!

Yesterday, we went to visit Miss Aurora, Amanda's bestest bud who had her adenoids and tonsils removed on Wednesday. We're pleased to report that she is doing very well and was very brave through the whole ordeal. I think Arilee is still working through the emotion of having her baby go through such a thing. She's a wonderful mom, you know!

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