Monday, February 28, 2005


If my success as a mother was to be measured by Amanda's confidence in herself when doing math, I'm sure I wouldn't get a passing grade...and this, despite the number of times I've encouraged her, praised her and told her she could do it. I don't know when it happened, but my girlie has decided that she is not good at math, despite the fact that she is doing very well in it.

Of late, the battles have been over finishing memorizing her multiplication tables. I would have thought this would be the easy part for Amanda...she has an phenomenal memory, but she just has that word 'can't' in her head when it comes to math. (Did I mention that I long ago banned the word 'can't' from her vocabulary?!)

This past week, Amanda had to study for a math test on four digit times two digit multiplication. She was dreading it, and in frustration and tears the night before the test proclaimed that God just hadn't gifted her in math! Yeah,'s God's fault...
Amanda brought home the test this weekend. She had gotten an A! I guess God hasn't gifted her in math much at's His fault!

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