Saturday, February 05, 2005


A week ago today, Robin Mark taught me alot about worship as we explored an important act of worship in Revelation 5. This chapter confirmed to me that singing (while not our only act of worship) is a big deal. What's sticking in my heart today though are some verses in Genesis 49:9-10 and the thought that every occasion of worship may be preordained...that God is waiting for our worship...that He has ordained it! Oh the thought of the God of the universe actually waiting our worship:)

Worship is our response to God's actions. You do it because He is worthy, not for Him to do something for you. You don't do it to please Him because He's already pleased with you anyway! Worship is more than just praise to God for what He has done though, it's a time of sitting at the table with him and enjoying that intimacy.

In Revelation there is evidence that when we worship the angels join us in our song, and not only them, all of creation worships with us...(imagine the spiders in the baseboards of the walls joining in:)

I was blessed with many opportunities to worship this past week, in a conference, in a church, in a car. In it I was revived and renewed and I learned so much:) I'm looking forward to tonight's occasion of worship, and I feel embraced by the thought that God is actually waiting for it too!

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