Monday, April 25, 2005

...excerpt by Stasi Eldredge

"Walk into any church in America, take a look around, and ask yourself this question, "What is a godly woman?" Don't listen to what is said, listen to the lives of the women present. What do we learn? A godly woman is . . . tired. For all she has been told to be is a good servant. Hasn’t that been the church’s message to women: “You are here to serve?”

And what about her heart?

Set deep in the heart of every woman are three core desires. Every woman longs for Romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to be the Beauty in the tale. It is for such that we were made."


"There may be nothing more beautiful in all the world than to see a woman set free to live from her heart as God’s beloved. To discover who she is as a woman, released from the expectations the world and the church have set upon her. To see her heart healed from years of assault…or neglect. For a woman is a fierce lover indeed, the crown of God’s creation. She has an irreplaceable role in this great Adventure."

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