Thursday, April 28, 2005


This post may end up being a bit scattered and disjointed. My thoughts are all over the place tonight...

I'm so glad it's Thursday...'cause I don't work tomorrow, and this week has seemed long enough already. I don't exactly know why it has seemed long, but it has. And I'm sooo looking forward to husband is taking me on a date (that HE has planned)! I love dates!! Some friends filled out some of those email surveys about me this week and several of them filled that in (having a date with Les) for the question on my favourite things to do. Either (a) they know me so well or (b) I don't hide this fact very well...probably both:) I found all their answers so encouraging...thank God for good friends:)

I bumped into my mom in the grocery store the other night. I was picking up some yogurt. She kept telling me to buy what they were buying. I explained that this was what we like and that it was on sale too. She still kept telling me to buy what she was buying. Then she did something that after all these years I shouldn't be surprised about...just before the checkout, she gave me some money for my birthday. Now my birthday isn't until mid-June. so I graciously tried to decline...telling her that it was only April...but there it was, my birthday is 'done' in her eyes for another year. (sigh)

I started reading a new book this week, 'Captivating' by John and Stasi Eldredge. Everything I've read so far has been very nourishing to my heart...but then again, I'm such a romantic (please don't roll your eyes;)

I'm not sure how I came across this this week, but it was interesting. So was this.

One last thought...
Have you ever been hurt by something someone else said (innocently, in passing), even though you know they didn't mean it to hurt you. In your heart and in your mind, you know that their perception is wrong, but you can't change how they think...yet what they said goes to a very big part of you, something you get your value from...and although you want to get past it, you just can't seem to do so? There's really nothing to forgive, they didn't do anything wrong, but still you hurt. That's what I've been going through today. It's not my prettiest side, but there it is... At least my headache is gone now.

Have a good weekend folks!

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