Monday, August 15, 2005

Biking Shorts

Our biking shorts arrived!! (And no, I'm not posting of picture of us in them!) We had no sooner opened the package on Friday than we put them on and took them out for a test ride. Wow, what an improvement?!!

We've been riding our bikes a fair bit this summer, but were getting tired of walking like c'boys when we were done. We tried an array of gel seats to no avail. So Les set out to find some good biking shorts, and in truth, there was really nothing much to be had around here, so I set about researching them on the internet and found an AeroDesign company that makes pro-biking shorts with different designs built for men and women. We did some finageling on price and shipping and saved about $40 in total. The shorts arrived within a week of ordering them and work wonderfully!!

Now at the beginning of this all I had such mis-givings about the whole idea and told Les that I couldn't see myself wearing them, but he said he could ;), and after this weekend, I tell ya, I wouldn't be without them! :)

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