Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Let me see...

...let me see, what HAVE we been doing lately?

- One night we headed to Long & McQuade for a look-a-bout. This was my second time in the new store, and I really like it!
- Last Friday night Les and I went to the races. I'm amazed at how many drivers I either know or know of?! I bbq'd some salmon for supper first and then when we got home we were treated to a Northern Lights show from our deck! (I love it!!)
- Visited with both sides of the family.
- Facilitated a lot of 'play-dates' for Miss Amanda.
- Yard work, house work, a walk or two and bike riding.
- Became a second cousin again (my youngest cousin, Crystal had a baby boy, Dominic...he's over 9 lbs and 23 inches...why give birth to a baby when you can give birth to a toddler?! :)

It's amazing how fast the summer seems to be going by. Les has been working a lot, but it looks like we're going to have 4 days off as a family together later this month, so I'm looking forward to that! We're loving our yard a lot this summer, but lately have been plagued with a few un-invited guests on our deck at supper-time...wasps! We can't seem to find a hive/nest, so I don't know where they are coming from, but a couple of them seem to like my cooking, so we're looking for ideas of how we can deter them from the deck at meal-time (any and all thoughts are welcome:)

And on a completely unrelated note, last night I caught a few minutes of 'Crossroads' before Les got home from work. I was flipping around and paused when I heard a familiar song coming out of Martina McBride's mouth...it was 'Promises in the Dark', and then out came Pat Benatar to sing it with her! The whole show was the two of them doing each other's songs, and it was so good! When I was a little girl, my brother was mostly grown and had this big stereo and quite a collection of rock music. I used to borrow his records and then give concerts of my own, often singing Pat Benatar's hits, so seeing this pairing on Crossroads was such a hoot to me! And it turns out Martina McBride used to do the same thing as me?! She says that singing Benatar tunes in her bedroom is probably where she developed her vocal range. The highlight for me though was probably hearing Benatar sing the chorus from McBride's 'Independence Day'. It rocked! It was such a strange but interesting pairing of the rocker and the country star, but these two women have so much in common...they are strong intelligent women with strong voices, both with real partnerships in marriage and both with daughters. I didn't get to see the whole show, but it certainly put Suzi Rawn's reprise of a Benatar song on Idol last week in it's place...that was just all 'Raw'g! (in my humble opinion:)

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