Monday, August 15, 2005

I Got Skates!

...that's right, it's August, and my husband just finished buying me a new pair of skates?! Talk about a zealous man!!

Friday night we had a 'date-night' to celebrate a recent accomplishment of Les' at work (Way to go, Baby, I'm still SO proud of you!!), and in between the dinner and the movie, on bended knee, he tried skate after skate on my foot... (yeah, he knows how to make me feel like a princess!:)

You see, he hasn't given up on the idea of us romantically skating togeher as a couple (despite the fact that I'm still not a fluent skater and have this irrational fear of falling on the ice!), and the skates I inherited from years gone by not only do not fit right, but are horribly uncomfortable. Les says that a new pair of top of the line CCM's will fix that, and that this is the best time of year to buy skates because you can get last year's top of the line model at a discount as this year's versions begin to be released. So now I have a pair of Sale and Pelletier's that I've been walking around our family room in this weekend.... (The things we do for love:)

p.s. We had a great date night! ...tried out a new sitter with Amanda, who was wonderful ...had a great meal at Tony Romas ...saw a romantic comedy (Must Love Dogs) ...and capped off the evening with Carmel Macchiatos at Starbucks! ...who could ask for more?! :)

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