Friday, October 21, 2005

Sherri Needs...

As I was checking out some other blogs today, Christy had posted this little exercise. I found some of her results funny, so I tried it myself. Here are the instructions: "Go to Google and in quotation marks put your name and needs. Example if your name is Fred put "Fred needs" and press enter. Then share the 5 funniest hits."

I'm sharing the top hits in the order they came's eerie how google knew the kind of week I've been having?!

  • Sherri needs prayers
  • Sherri needs a break
  • Sherri needs to learn that they are not "wrong" and there are a multitude of ways of reading it
  • Sherri needs support now
  • Sherri needs to duck out
  • Sherri needs a year off also
  • Sherri needs to explore technology
  • Sherri needs to sneak out too
  • Sherri needs her bandmates
  • Sherri needs to forget the world
  • Sherri needs to talk
  • Sherri needs to stay in the corner before she gets hurt
...and my personal favourite...
  • Sherri needs much Marketing at this point anyway.

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