Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Truth IN Love

Oy, what a day, what a week I've been having?! So I just pressed pause for a moment and got myself a Starbucks and did a little catching up in the blog world. ...And I came upon this post of what it means to speak 'the truth in love'. Now, I don't know the writer, but she is on several of the blogrolls of people I do know, and what she wrote really resounds with me on this's an excert:

"Many times when a person evokes or employs "truth in love," the emphasis is placed more on the truth aspect of the message than the love. But that's not how the sentence itself is structured -- truth is in love, inside of it. Love is what is encompassing it, surrounding it -- which should effect how this truth is delivered.

Which leads me to my problem. Whenever I see an
injustice in the world, I want to remedy it ... but remedying it doesn't mean emphasizing what I see as the truth at the expense of love.

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm big on accountability. There are few things I despise
less than someone who's a hypocrite -- saying one thing, while intending (or doing) another. My drive for accountability needs to be balanced with a drive
for showing love -- or compassion (not pity) -- for whoever my opponent is. This is huge!

Both of these elements -- accountability and compassion -- have to be a part of my approach. Without accountability, my compassion could easily
slip into condoning of actions and a general sense of apathy to what is right and wrong. Yet without compassion, my drive for accountability (and justice) is
useless, because it gets me nowhere"


Now there's some truth IN love!

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Becky said...

Thanks for the mention, Sherri. You've been over at my mom's blog, lazy daisy log.

I'm still struggling with the whole "truth in love" issue -- I've got a lot to learn!

Anyway, I'm glad it resonated with you.