Friday, October 27, 2006

I Know an Author...

Last night I attended a reception for someone I used to work with a few years ago. He has definitely earned his 'lion-taming hat' (look back at July and August's posts if you are not sure of what I'm talking about there)! A few years ago he left behind the exciting life of a CA to explore his life-long dream of being a writer. And last night at McNally Robinson, he launched his 4th book!! He is the author of the Russell Quant mystery series of books. His main character is a novice private detective based in Saskatoon who travels about the globe too. This morning my husband read a few excerpts of Tony's new book to me, (which, incidentally, was presented to me at the reception by my soon to be new boss...who was, also incidentally, my boss once before, but that is another story..) and we both (that is, Les & I) found ourselves giggling about the descriptives we found in the excerpts of this place where we live:)

It was fun to get together with many of my former co-workers from a few years ago to celebrate Tony's success last night and to see where life has taken them. And seeing Tony, as always, was a good reminder to us all to "live life wide" ... (he's always saying that, "life is short, but wide!")

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