Monday, October 09, 2006


I'm finding myself especially thankful this year. Of course I'm thankful for God's love and grace (too great for words really)...for our family, my loving husband and darling daughter...for our home and the fact that in a few minutes both of our extended families will be here for our Thanksgiving feast...for so many friends and for what God is doing in our small group...for our health...and for this beautiful fall, full of colour and God's splendor. I'm extremely thankful for all of those things, but what I'm especially thankful for today is a husband who not only 'let' me quit my job, but who actually encouraged it...who practically insisted upon it, and who has championed me having some time off before starting the next one...who has not put one ounce of pressure on me about the loss of income for a time and who has been pushing me to take time for myself and listening to me as I've been working through all sorts of feelings. He is God's man for me indeed! Thank-You, Father and thank-you, Les:)

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