Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School

It's hard to believe, but it's that time of year again. Wednesday I register Amanda for the school year and Thursday is her first full day.... And, as is our tradition, I have taken registration day off so that I can take Amanda. She's growing up so fast! I remember when she would hold my hand or hover under my arm on registration day when she was like 7 - now there's no 'huggy-feely' stuff once we're out of the house. How fast they grow! I think some people at work didn't really 'get' why I need tomorrow off, but I need to relish it with her because all too soon this phase of her life will be over, and I'm going to miss this! (That reminds me of a country tune that I'm liking these days - I don't usually listen to Trace Atkins, but the song 'You're gonna miss this' really captures my heart right now...

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish that these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times - so take a good look around
You may not see it now
But you're going to miss this...

There is a second tradition in our house as well when Amanda goes back to school for a new year. Every year on the first day of school I write Amanda a letter and place it in her breakfast spot so it's the first thing she sees on that morning. And this year, I made the backpack project pictured on the left of this entry to place my letter in (I think I might put some chocolate in the extra pouch too, don'tcha think?!) I first saw this little backpack idea on Stamp Your Heart Out (a.k.a Jenn D's site) and I also saw a tutorial on this site (Stamp Happens - cute name eh?!), and there's even a template there that really helps! Thanks to both of these ladies for sharing such creative ideas! I love finding new projects and tutorials on the blogs I visit!! So if ever someone posts a new idea or tutorial, feel free to leave a comment so I can come visit your blog to see!

(BTW - the DP on the backpack is pretty in pink from the Berry Bliss line - for some reason it doesn't look as pink as it is and the flowers hardly show on the computer screen?!)


Jenn D said...

This turned out super cute! SCS was the first place I saw this, so I'll have to check out the link you posted too. I think that it is a wonderful tradition and it's something I'd really like to do with my boys, to take the day off and celebrate the start of school.

Stampvamp said...

Hi Sherri! Beautiful job on your backpack! Wonderful tradition with your daughter, too. Thanks for the notice about my template...I've fixed it now!

Angie Tieman said...

This is sooo cute! I love your version in the pink and brown!!

Deb said...

I totally agree with you, our babies grow up way too fast. I thinks it's great that you go with her and make her something special. I always put a card in Cam's back pack too, he loves that!