Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Bday Bro ...and a happy storage solution!

This is the card I made this evening for my brother's bday (which is coming up shortly - my sister and he were born one week apart - or rather, my sister was born 11 months and 3 weeks to the day after he was!). The colour inspiration came from his gift. He's been going to the gym more lately and so we got him this great track-suit from the Adidas store and it's black, white and red... (no argyle though, but I'm allowed some creative license - aren't I?!!:)

The second picture is of the Ikea rails that we picked up on our trip and that my loving hubby has already installed! Thanks to Shawna for the idea!! I'm not sure I have things exactly how I'll keep them yet, but my hubby likes them so well that he's already mentioned that we'll pick up another next time we're in Alberta! (I guess that means I can buy more punches if the need strikes?!!)

Sunday nights are sometimes hard for me... I want to milk the weekend for all it's worth, but Sunday evenings a bit of that Monday morning 'dread' seems to set in... I'm finding, though, that taking a few minutes to create something really helps:)

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Deb said...

Oooooh I love that rack, lucky you!! The card is fabulous, love the colors and design!!