Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Summer's Good

Things have been busy, but good (or should I say, work has been busy, home has been good?!) We've been outside a lot enjoying the, gardening, bbqing.... Speaking of gardening, this past weekend, Les and I took on a little project and carved out a couple of perenniel beds in the backyard. Boy, that was more work than I figured, but they turned out well. In the first bed (along the side fence) we've planted a rose bush (yes, a rose bush!! deep pink and all in bloom!) and some perrenials (salvia, fox glove(?), bees balm (funky pink daisy like flowers) and...oooh a ground cover with purple flowers that I can't think of the name of). Most of the perenniels came from the church sale in June. In the second bed (along the back corner of the fence) we planted more perenniels (most of which were adopted from Alana:)...painted daisies, a lilly, and iris and some type of ground cover. Hopefully they will all like their new home and bloom! We also bought one new plant...a huge purple cornflower (Echinecea) which is already in bloom, and we rescued some white daisies from homelessness in the back-alley behind our fence (they are also in bloom!) Of course, we picked the hottest part of the hottest day of the weekend to do the majority of the work. Oh well, it feels good to have it done!

Amanda is blooming in her own way this week too. Yes, my tween is taking part in "Fashion Camp" each day and loving it! She's already painted jeans, made a belt and purse and all sorts of jewellry, and that's only after the second day!

Les has been working tonnes, and since we tend to work opposite schedules, I took this past Monday off to spend his day off with him. He, in turn, took me to Earls for lunch (mmmm, I had my bento box even!) We had an awesome day together!!

Yes, overall, summer is good!

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Donna said...

Summer is here and the living is easy!
sounds wonderful....enjoy your blooms, the sunshine and a every moment spent in your backyard!