Monday, July 25, 2005

Amazing Women!

This weekend was extra-special for two women whom I love very much! Elizabeth Nickel and Gloria Reimer were commissioned as ministers of the Free Methodist Church...(a journey I found myself on just a few years ago as well, but one that is on hold for now:)

Both Elizabeth and Gloria have touched my life in many ways! As I've written here before, Elizabeth has been a mentor, a sister, a friend and even a mother figure to me through the years. She is the Pastor that married Les and I...I believe we were the first couple she actually wed! She has been such an encourager and shepherd in my life, and I wish I had the time and words to really try to explain that more fully!

Gloria has also been a huge encouragement to me in many ways! She is a strong woman and has helped me to grow in many ways through the years (as iron sharpens iron). Gloria is someone who loves learning and seeks to learn through every experience and every person she meets in life. She has made a special place in her heart for my family...and especially my father. I will never forget her prayers whispered in his ear when he was in critical condition, nor her hugs for him when he walks through the Church door. I think sometimes he would try to escape them, but she would never let that happen, and I know he loves her for it!

I wish I had more time this morning to pay tribute to these two amazing women who mean so much to me! My time nor words are sufficient for that though.

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