Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We'll definitely be doing that again...

Les and I headed to the races on Saturday night. I've been to Bridge City a few times before I was married with friends of mine, but this is the first time we've ever gone as a couple. And I'd have to say that I enjoyed it far better than I thought I would! I think it's one of those things, like football, that is more enjoyable to watch in person than on TV. Also, the short track makes it so that you can see all the action. That and the fact that many of the races were shorter distances seemed to keep my attention better too. Probably the biggest thing though that added to my enjoyment of the evening was simply being with my precious man! He thoroughly enjoyed the races and patiently explained all sorts of things to me throughout the evening, so now I can kind of follow what is happening even though I can barely hear the announcer over the roar of the engines! It was a fun date-night...and I think I'd like to do that again! (Who'd a thunk it?!)

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