Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Thoughts

With it almost being Valentine's Day, my heart is all wrapped up in romantic thoughts! It's not like I really need a special day though to go there...I'm just a romantic at heart every day:)

Today I've been remembering some of the most romantic things my debonair husband has done for me, so I'll share a few of them with you:

- leaving a dozen roses in my car on the seat while I was at work one day!

- writing me notes in French ("the language of love")...even when neither of us are particularly fluent in French:)

- rubbing my feet when they are tired.

- making me an Italian charm bracelet (without knowing there was a tool to help) after picking out charms that represented things about me to him:) (This was last year's Valentine:)

- surprising me in the kitchen with embraces from behind:)

- washing the floors (he never lets me do it!)

- the sweet things he calls me:)

- that look he gets on his face when he thinks I've done something cute.

- he always finds the perfect card!

- writing songs for me:)

- surprising me on the 12th day of Christmas with a bobble I had looked at in passing at the jewellry counter as we left the's not just the bobble that touches me but his attentiveness to what I like (sigh!)

- always choosing the seat next to me so we can hold hands or snuggle:)

- insisting we go to Starbucks at the end of a tough day (even if we've already been there once or twice that week)



Buffy said...

That feet thing really looks good.

Donna said...

He sounds like a "sweetheart", perfect for YOU!!