Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Spring!!

Whew! I just got back from my first bike-ride of the season, and it felt GREAT! At first I was kind of pleased with myself...pedalling seemed so easy, 'I must be fitter than last year,' I thought... But as the ride progressed that old feeling of exertion clicked in and I definitely feel like I had a good workout. There is definitely a little something extra when I'm riding my bike versus working out on my exercise equipment in the house. I'm definitely more spent when I'm done. I'm sure it has to do with balance and momentum or something like that. All I know is I AM spent, but it feels good!

I also got the chance to do my first gardening of the year this morning. We had done yard clean-up a couple of weeks ago, and Les has already been fiddling with the lawn, so this morning I went out and trimmed our hedges and checked on the progress of my tulips (which are almost ready to bloom!) and my perrenials...well, they're Les' too, but I don't think he thinks of them that way and since I do most of the fussing there, I know he wouldn't mind me calling them mine, just so long as I refer to the lawn that he fusses over as his! ;) Anyway, my perenniels are looking really good...I think for the first time, most of them survived the winter!!!! And my rose bush, well it not only survived but I think I'm seeing a few buds on it!! The hard part now will be waiting to plant more flowers. I know you're supposed to wait until the long weekend in May here in Saskatchewan, but it's so nice right now, I want to do it sooner...any advice?! At the very least, I'm thinking it should be safe to plant my sunflower seeds in the sunniest corner of the backyard pretty soon, right? Oh, I can hardly wait...beds full of flowers, pots and hanging plants, scents and colours galour! Yahhh, spring! :)

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