Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Thirteen reasons I haven't posted since last week's Thursday Thirteen:

1. I tried to milk the weekend for all it was worth as I wasn't looking forward to going back to work on Monday.
2. When I went back to work, in addition to the pressure and stress I had expected, there were unexpected 'surprises'.
3. One of my staff is off on an extended sick leave again.
4. I can't hire a temporary person to fill in as we just have week to week notification from this staff member's we have to keep her job open for her.
5. I'm hoping she gets better very quickly, but based on the reports I heard along with my own brief encounter with her, I suspect it will take much longer. (She is, of course, in my prayers)
6. So all my staff, who were already strained, are being pushed even further. (They are in my prayers too!)
7. And there were quite a number of things added to my plate to cover as well this week...only there really wasn't room on my plate for them...
8. And apparently, last week, in my absense, the big boss made life pretty difficult for several of my staff.
9. Turns out he made it difficult for staff in other departments too.
10. And now they are not motivated to do extra to meet with these challenges. (And I've been trying my best to encourage and motivate them.)
11. As a result of the staff out on leave and this motivation issue, not as much progress has been made on a big project that the big boss is focused on. (We're fighting fires people!)
12. I'm afraid of his reaction when he returns on Monday...even though I've done my best...unfortunately it is out my control and I can only do what I can do.
13. Last night when I did have some time to myself, I spent it outside with a cup of tea and my Bible talking to God about this all. I'm not 100% certain of His will on this, but I am 100% certain of His love and of how faithful He has been to me. So if you think of me, send up a prayer or two...thx:)

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Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, you were missed. I've got your back in prayer. Sounds like you've got really good perspective on the situation. (So I prayed that God would take care of all the details!) Blessings...hoping to be up soon.

Nancy said...

Sorry you are having such office issues. You have to be careful w. employees these days.

Hoping that next week is much better. I will say a prayer for you!

WendyWings said...

I hope you have an easier week next week :)
Happy TT !!

Janet ( said...

good luck with your staff!

Christine said...

You did have a very stressfull week! Hope your weekend is very relaxing, and that next week will be better for you!
Happy TT!

mar said...

Wishing you a better week starting...NOW! happy TT :)

Chaotic Mom said...

I've been having a few talks with God lately, too. ;)

*~Tey~* said...

I know what it's like when you get so stressful busy. I hope your staff members get well and motivated. God always shows us things during these times and sometime you don't see how much he worked until afterwards.

Carmen said...

Let's face it, work is hard. That's why we don't go to "fun" every day. But I'm hoping things work out for you.

Heather Smith said...

I will be praying for you! Sometimes work can make life crazy! I understand that totally! But like you said, God's love doesn't change! That is so awesome!

Wystful1 said...

Your job does sound stressful! Hope as the days go by it gets better there.

My Thurs 13 is posted

Stacy said...

Sounds like such a stressful situation, but it also sounds like you are handling it to the best of your ability. Glad to read that you sat outside with some tea and your Bible - good for you!

Feel better soon :)

P.S. My very first T13 is up :)

Karen said...

Boy, that is the last thing you want to do to people when they are stretched thin, get on their bad side. I empathize with you, truly, it's TOUGH being short handed.

Hang in there!

Kelly said...

I hope things at work start picking up for you soon!
Doesn't sound like fun!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Man, sorry about your work issues. That is difficult. The only bad thing about my leaving work to stay home is the place where I used to work couldn't hire a replacement for me and left the rest of the workers with more work. Good luck and blessings to you! My list is up!

*~Tey~* said...

Hi Sherri!
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Just to so you know. In australia a Singlet is pretty much a shirt that is of thin material and either has no sleeves or skinny spagetti straps. They're great for summer time. What do you call them over there?

Christine said...

Sounds like a rough week. Hang in there. I hope next week is better.

Susan said...

Praying that things start looking up soon and that you are able to get things smoothed over at work.

My TT is up here.

Lauren said...

Said a prayer for you when I read this, hope things get better at work for you.