Sunday, September 07, 2008

Christmas Treat Bag

OK, so I'm playing around with Christmas early... Every year I do up treat bags for the neighbours with some kind of homemade chocolate baking or candy. I also do this for some of the businesses I frequent where I feel like the people who serve me are more like friends, you know?! So this morning I was playing around with this tutorial to see how I could adapt it for this year's treat bags. I changed the dimensions to work with a brown paper bag so the cardstock is 5 1/4 x 8 1/2 (scored at 1 1/2) and 5 1/4 x 7. I purposely tried to make this project fairly simple as I might be making several of them. If I go with this idea, I think I will line the inside with clear sulofane because of the chocolate. I'm not sure that this is how they will stay, but I'm fairly happy with how this went. But I'm really starting to see how I'm going to NEED the scallop edge punch... currently I'm creating every scallop edge you see with my corner rounder:)


Stamp With Linz said...

Oh my goodness- you have been busy, dearie! Some terrific things going on! I love these bags, they are so fun & easy. Yours is terrific- as are all your projects!

April D said...

I saw this one on the blog and wanted to try it too...did you get the bags from Michaels as well?

Sherri said...

The brown paper bag is from a big pack I got at Walmart for $1.80 a think. They're my backup lunch bags for when my daughter forgets her lunch bag at school.