Saturday, September 06, 2008

Paper Bag Family

I made this little paper bag album for my folks. It's their anniversary and we're headed over there later today. It also happens to be my brother's birthday and my sister's birthday. OK, today technically isn't my sister's birthday - her birthday was a week ago today. Confused? My brother was born exactly on my parent's first year wedding anniversary, and my sister was born exactly one week before their second year wedding anniversary. What about me? Well after my brother and sister there were to be no more kids according to my mom... So I was born eight years later on Father's Day!

As an aside, it is almost impossible to figure out something to get my parents for an anniversary. They are not sentimental people at all and their marriage isn't typical. I always feel that anniversaries are really between the couple, you know. I would never expect our daughter to do something for anniversary, but this is the first year in a long time that everyone could be together on my folk's anniversary and the birthdays, so I kind of want to make it special. The thing is though, what I think is special probably isn't special to them...(sigh). So we'll just do our best, right!

I don't really know of a tutorial for this exact album, but here are a couple of different paper bag album tutorials here and here to inspire you!

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