Thursday, September 18, 2008

Club #1 - Embossing!


So Wish List Wednesday started last night. It's the SU club I go to once a month, and this year it's going to be a technique club, and this month's technique was -- wet embossing! We did regular white embossing, we did irredescent background embossing, and we learned two really neat new techniques with embossing...emboss resist (that's how the flower on the blue card was done - the flower was clear embossed and then it was sponged with a darker pink ink to create the lines...) and faux metal (that's how the flower embellishment on the cherish card was made - you emboss the paper twice with silver then stamp the stamp in versamark, emboss the paper once more with silver and then stamp it while it's warm with the stamp and voila!) All in all a fun night - and I learned how to do two things I hadn't done before!!

Also I'm thrilled for Nicole as this is the first year that she has been doing this and she already has 10 people in club! Isn't she awesome!! We drew from a basket to see what month we are each hosting and I picked July - I sure hope everyone isn't gone on vacation then?! lol:)

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Deb said...

These are gorgeous, love them!!